UCARE™ Mask was born out of our volunteering effort with a COVID-19 relief fund task force procuring medical grade masks for front line workers in our community. During this ongoing effort, the CDC released new guidelines recommending all of us should be using non-medical face coverings while saving medical-grade masks for our front line workers. This new directive was the catalyst for UCARE™ Masks. 

With protective face covering demand outstripping the supply, UCARE™ Mask is dedicated to bridging the gap and providing accessibility for all who need them. Our all-female team comprised of a biomedical engineer, an artist, a designer, and business leaders came together with a mission to provide non-medical, reusable face masks that are not only high quality and affordable, but also stylish and fun.

In addition to our stylish and fun consumers collections, we also offer high volume branded and non-branded masks to organizations of all sizes.

While quickly ramping up production in our overseas locations we have identified  manufacturing locations in our home state of Texas; our other goal is to help jump start the economy and help get people back to work.