New Year Special: Monday- Friday Face Mask Pack - Set Of 5

New Year Special: Monday- Friday Face Mask Pack - Set Of 5

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Variety 5 Pack of UCARE™ Filter+ designer masks with ear adjusters. One unique mask for each day of your week. 

UCARE™ Filter+ is our original line of face masks, equipped with replaceable insertable filters for optimal airborne contaminant filtration and specially made to be stylish, comfortable, and reusable. Our multi-layered knit fabric is optimal for blocking airborne contaminants while allowing clean passage of air so you can breathe easy*. All our masks are designed to be totally reusable and machine washable. Filter is optional and can be ordered separately in either 2 packs or 10 packs.



Inner layer 100% cotton; inner layer pocket holds replaceable filter; Water Resistant Polyester outer layer 

Dimensions and Fit

One size fits all

Mask Maintenance and Care

Machine wash on cold and lay out to dry. Filters are not washable. Replace filter twice a week if wearing daily.

All sales are final - no refunds or exchanges.

*Disclaimer: our face masks are not meant for medical use and do not guarantee prevention of diseases and viral spread.

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