UCARE™ Filter+ "Texas Strong"

UCARE™ Filter+ "Texas Strong"

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Stay strong, Texas.

UCARE™ Filter+ is our original line of face masks, equipped with replaceable insertable filters for optimal airborne contaminant filtration and specially made to be stylish, comfortable, and reusable. Our multi-layered knit fabric is optimal for blocking airborne contaminants while allowing clean passage of air so you can breathe easy*. All our masks are designed to be totally reusable and machine washable. Each mask comes with 1 replaceable 3 layer filter. We suggest weekly replacement of filter. Additional filters can be ordered in 6 packs. For more protection, try our PM2.5 filter: either 2 packs or 10 packs of PM2.5 can be ordered. 



Inner layer 100% cotton; inner layer pocket includes replaceable filter; polyester outer layer 

Dimensions and Fit

One size fits all

Mask Maintenance and Care

Machine wash on cold and lay out to dry. Filters are not washable. Replace filter twice a week if wearing daily.

All sales are final - no refunds or exchanges.

*Disclaimer: our face masks are not meant for medical use and do not guarantee prevention of diseases and viral spread.